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Does your landscape measure up? 

The overuse and misuse of pesticides and fertilizers, soil erosion and poor plant selection have all damaged Maryland’s streams, rivers and the Bay.


Environmentally sound gardens and yards combined with sustainable gardening practices can help improve water quality and conserve our natural resources for future generations.


We all need to do our part to take care of our waterways and environment.  By adopting a few simple landscape practices, you can keep your communities healthy!


Are you a Bay-wise homeowner? 


What we do to maintain our own landscapes can affect the health of our local waterways, the Chesapeake Bay and our environment.


Homeowners can contribute to a cleaner local waterway, Chesapeake Bay and environment by using several environmentally sound approaches. 


Control Stormwater Runoff
• Encourage Wildlife
• Protect the Waterfront
• Mow Properly / Water Efficiently

• Manage Yard Pests with Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

• Mulch Appropriately / Recycle Yard Waste • Fertilize Wisely
• Plant Wisely 


For more information, check out the best landscape management practices on the website of University of Maryland Extension.

Homeowners Association
Landscape Committee Checklist


On-Site Consultations


Homeowners may request an on-site evaluation of their property by a team of Howard County Master Gardeners and receive advice on dealing with concerns such as storm water management, erosion, Integrated Pest Management, composting and inclusion of native plants in the landscape.


The consultations are offered at no charge and can be initiated by completing a Homeowner Landscape Questionnaire.

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