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Neighborhood Pets

Pets are welcome at Lakeside and Dockside! 


Lakeside-Dockside is not just people friendly but we also share our community with many four legged residents (wild and domesticated). We love our animal friends and take pride being caring responsible pet owners. “Our Pets” page is for all residents who share a love for all things pet related. Check back for updates regarding the care and enjoyment of our companions.


Please send us a photo and showcase your favorite pet on our gallery. 

Scoop the Poop!

We enjoy meeting the many friendly dogs during our walks around the community. Some residents have even expressed knowing “Fido’s” name but not their owner! And most all Lakeside-Dockside dog owners are very responsible cleaning up after their pets. But unfortunately a few choose to ignore proper disposal of pet waste. It’s a community regulation and the law. Please read our Scoop the Poop plea and help keep our community waste free. 


Scoop the Poop Plea
Services include heartworm and lyme disease tests, rabies shots, Bordetella (kennel cough), distemper vaccines and much more. click here for locations, dates and times.

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with no appointments or exam fees. 

Pet Vaccinations


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