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Changing or repairing the exterior of your townhome first requires approval from two organizations. Before submitting your applications, please review the guidelines below. If the two guidelines differ, the more restrictive guideline applies.
Owen Brown Village:
Architectural Guidelines
To get approval from Owen Brown Residential Architectural Control Committee, please visit Owen Brown’s website  and submit an Exterior Alteration Application.
Lakeside Dockside HOA:
Lakeside Dockside Architectural Guidelines
To get approval from Lakeside Dockside HOA, please fill out a
Lakeside/Dockside Application for Exterior Alterations, email it to, or mail it to Lakeside Dockside HOA Architectural Committee at 7300 Broken Staff, Columbia MD 21045.
Lakeside/Dockside HOA Exterior Alteration Application
Thank you,
Lakeside/Dockside ARC
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