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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about

Parking in the Lakeside Dockside Community


Parking in the Lakeside-Dockside community:


Question:  How many townhomes do we have in our community?

Answer:  We have 178 townhomes and 6 efficiency apartments, totaling 184 units on the streets of Broken Staff, Sweet Clover, Sea Change, and Dockside Lane.  


Question:  How many parking spaces do we have in our community?

Answer:  We have 357 “lined” parking spaces available for residents and their guests on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Except for spaces marked as handicap parking and the 35 carports that are deeded to individual home addresses, all parking is open, unassigned. 


Question:  How many cars am I allowed to park near my house?

Answer:  Two.


Question:  Why can't I park more than 2 cars near my house?

Answer:  Parking is limited:  1.94 per unit to be exact (357 parking spaces divided by 184 units equals 1.94).


Question:  If I own more than two cars, where shall I park them? 

Answer:  If you own more than 2 cars, you should park the cars that you don’t use on a daily basis in the overflow parking area—namely on the main “branch” of Broken Staff, by the island at the end of Broken Staff adjacent to the lake, and on both sides of the center island on Dockside Lane.


Question:  Can I park my boat or trailer here?

Answer:  No. Without Owen Brown approval, boats, campers, motor homes, trailers, recreational vehicles, inoperable or untagged vehicles, vehicles which appear to be abandoned, and other similar items may not be stored on any lot, in carports, on driveways, or on open space.


Question:  There is an illegally parked car in front of my house.  What should I do?

Answer:  Call the non-emergency police number (410) 313-2200 if it is parked on Howard County roads (the main branch of Broken Staff that goes from Cradlerock to the loop closest to the lake, on Sweet Clover, on Sea Change, and in he upper loop of Dockside Lane. 

Call the Lakeside Dockside Association (443) 583-4032 if it is parked on Lakeside Dockside property (all raised parking pads on Howard County roads and lined parking spaces along the two extensions of Broken Staff that are closest to Cradlerock and in the lower loop of Dockside Lane (closest to the lake).


Question:  If my car is towed, who will pay for the towing?

If your car is towed for illegal parking, you will have to pay for all the expenses associated with towing.


Question:  Can I use a chair to hold a parking space after I have cleared the snow off the space? 

Answer:  No.  Your car is the only thing allowed in a cleared parking space.



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