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Resident Referrals

Home Maintenance & Improvements

Contact: Tim Malik

Referred by Lena Duguid

"Excellent Work"


Yard Cleaning Specialists

Contact: William Mejia

Referred by Lena Duguid



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We have included this list of service professionals and businesses as a convenience to the Lakeside-Dockside community. Each vendor was referred by a resident who had favorable results of the service or products provided.


Lakeside-Dockside, this website and residents who refer these service providers assume no responsibility or liability for the use of services and products on this page. Lakeside-Dockside, this website and residents make no guarantee as to the quality of services referred. Please do your own research before using any referred business or service person.


This is just your neighbors sharing their satisfaction with the completed work or services provided.


Would you like to share a favorite business or service provider with your neighbors? Please submit your referral here.

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