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Neighbors Share

The Association Board and Committees have had their say. This is where the rest of us say, ask, tell. ... So take a deep breath, check me out and share what you will.

General plan for "Neighbors Share", the Lakeside-Dockside Blog:

To get this started, I will: (1) briefly introduce myself, (2 ) say a few words about why this blog is here, and (3) lay out the blog's general structure–including what I have to say and how I hope you will use Neighbors Share to say what you think about ... anything,

Let's take those one at a time:

1. My name is William Cain. Please call me Bill. Pamela Pittman and I own the townhouse at 7498 Sea Change. Pamela is a certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, and I am a retired Professor of Microbiology. I'm also a student of journalism and Chairman of the Owen Brown Residential Architecture Committee (RAC).

2. I have several ideas for the things this blog should do, but the main things–the purposes of the blog and why it's here–are to answer as many of your questions as I can and to open dialogues among us Lakeside-Dockside (LSDS) property owners and residents.

3. At the beginning of each blog, I'll write a few paragraphs on topics like (a) relationships between Owen Brown Village and LSDS Home Owner's Association (hereafter referred to as the Association), (b) what our Board of Directors and the various Association Committees do, (c) the nature of the Owen Brown and LSDS covenants, and/or current topics as they present themselves. During the following week, I will monitor the blog site answering your questions, frowning or grinning, and adding other relevant observations.

While the ideas I will present will represent what I think–or what I thought when I wrote them–they will be based on research and experience. You should also think of the ideas I present as temporary, i.e., as ideas offered as starting points from which to get a discussion started. Most importantly, I hope to reach better understandings about our (your and my) responsibilities to OB Village, to LSDS, and to ourselves and our neighbors.

Each week (or so) I will introduce a new Topic of Week. Topics will reflect what's going on in the Association, Owen Brown, Columbia, etc. I will simply say what I think and ask you to react. I also ask you to suggest future topics.

Topic of the Week

Trash and Recycle - a personal story

As soon as I found out about our new Board and Committees, I called our President and ask her to do something about the way some of you keep the trash pickup areas littered with trash, trash containers, recycle bins, etc. As part of the conversation, she suggested I clean it up myself.

I said I had heard that simply policing the trash areas myself would reinforce bad behavior and make the problem worse.

As time slipped by, I tried leaving fliers on all of my Sea Change neighbors’ doors. When that turned out to be little more than another source of litter, I went back to the President.

“So why not try cleaning up the trashy areas yourself?” she again suggested.

She’s such a nice lady, but also very naive. I thought.

After cooling off a while, I decided to give it a try. When this fails, I’ll go back to her …, still thinking to myself as I rolled up my sleeves, put on a pair of disposable gloves and started collecting spilt trash, hunting stray container lids, matching lids with mismatched empty containers, etc.

Interestingly, I never had any reason to go back to the Pres. And for those of you who live in Dockside or over here on Broken Land or Sweet Clover; walk over to Sea Change and enjoy how very neat my street has become.

Quote of the week: “Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there.” Franklin P. Jones, Twentieth Century Philadelphia journalist and businessman,

Questions, Comments and Suggestion

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